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Pan-Technic Pty Ltd - Engineering has displayed innovation by being the first company in Australia to introduce the double and triple Yeeros Cooker (Kebab Machine).

Its innovative approach to design of quality catering equipment has also included the “Mobile Spit Roast”, which has more features and benefits than other spit roast machines in the market.

The latest all new stainless spit roast with heavy duty motor and wheels, and removable fat tray and ash draw. Easy to operate, clean and carry.

  • Pan-Technic uses high quality Stainless Steel in its Spit Roast machine for greater durability as opposed to the commonly used Mild Steel.
  • the spit roast machine can have either a full or part cover for better control of temperature, which can be affected by wind or weather conditions. The cover can also greatly reduce cooking time.
  • the spit rod’s height is adjustable depending on the desired level of heat.
  • the Mobile Spit Roast has a draw to collect the ashes, and a tray to collect the fat. This makes the collection of the fat and ashes easy, as well as making cleaning easy and quick. (when compared to other machines in the market)

Spit roast

The ‘Mobile Spit Roast’ machine is ideal for cooking whole lamb or pig, or even meat pieces. This makes it ideal to cater for all tastes. As an innovation first, Pan-Technic also manufactures a ‘double capacity’ Spit Roast Machine, which can cook two whole pigs or lambs or a combination of the two at the same time.

Ideal for weddings, birthday parties, christenings etc. Invite relatives and friends to enjoy a tasty and succulent roast lamb or pig – cooked within 2 hrs!! From home use to large functions to restaurants, Pan-Technic offers a ‘Mobile Spit Roast’ Machine perfect for all occasions.

The outstandingly made ‘Mobile Spit Roast’ is sold to businesses as well as the general public.

If you want a quality, durable, convenient and practical spit roast machine, then Pan-Technic’s ‘Mobile Spit Roast’ machine is the perfect choice. Buy our new stainless steel spit roast, the latest & best model on the market.

It is now also available for hire. For more information please call our friendly staff at Pan-Technic. They would be more than happy to assist you, whether you want to buy or hire





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