To complement the highest quality kebab machines that Pan-Technic sells to its customers, it likewise supplies the same high quality in electric kebab shavers.

Pan-Technic sells the Uneform M7 kebab shaver, the only electric kebab knife in the world with an automatic fine thickness adjustment mechanism for adjusting the slice thickness without requiring additional tools. The powerful M7 is engineered and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Uneform M7 empowered by high-tech powerful 24 volt DC motor to slice all kinds of kebabs including shavarma and chicken kebab. Supplied with 140 watt transformer gives reliable and powerful run to Uneform M7.

The slice thickness can easily be adjusted by hand just by turning the adjustment sleeve without the need of any ancillary tools.

The head section and the handle can easily be dismantled by unscrewing the head screw to enable easy & effective washing of all head components.

The powerful, heavy duty, Uneform M7 Electric Kebab Knife is the perfect complement to Pan-Technic's range of Kebab Machines.

The Uneform M7 is of the same high quality and reliability that Pan-Technic's Kebab Machines are famous for, and trusted by its Australian and Overseas customers.





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