Mini Spit Roast Machine

If a normal spit roast machine is too big for your requirements we have a ‘Kondosouvli’ which is basically a smaller version of a spit roast machine. It is easy to use and great for all occasions.











Mini Spit Roast Machine

Spit roast

The ‘Kondosouvli’ (kondo- greek for small or short and souvli or souvlaki we all know) is a Small Sized Mobile Spit Roast, which is ideal for cooking meats. You can cook Lamb, Beef or Pork on the 3 fully adjustable skewers which are rotated simultaneously by an electric motor which is powered by external power supply or even by batteries.

The skewers on the Kondosouvli can be removed and then a rack added, so you can cook souvlakia, steak, sausages etc. The unit comes with lockable wheels for convenience.

The Kondosouvli is ideal for weddings, birthday parties, christenings and social functions with relatives and friends. The Kondosouvli will cook delicious food for all to enjoy.

As with all Pan-Technic products, the ‘Kondosouvli' is manufactured with high quality materials and workmanship.





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